Things to Do When You’re Strangely Rage-y and Despondent

Things to Do When You're Feeling Stragely Rage-y & Despondent | Jessica Says

Hello, hello! A word of warning: I am not a happy bunny today. I started off pretty damn jolly – how could you not, when you’re wearing what’s essentially a pink tutu with black leopard-print sneakers WITH GLITTER?! – but a series of crappy little events this morning and a general feeling of blah that I’ve been dragging along for a few days have finally taken their toll. I’m feeling highly irritable, snappy and not at all myself, and I don’t like it! Instead of wallowing in my own misery, though, I’ve decided to be proactive about snapping out of this, and so I’ve made a list of things to do when you’re feeling weirdly full of rage and lost, like I am right now. I’m going to work through them when I’ve published this post – fancy joining me? Let’s go!

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Get Bullish: Conquering the World, In Style

Get Bullish: Conquering the World, In Style | Jessica Says

Hello, superstars! I trust this week has been treating you splendidly so far? It’s been a bit of a crazy whirlwind for me: I’ve been working extra hard at the office to make up for my colleague’s absence (home girl is currently enjoying a ten-day holiday abroad, lucky so-and-so!), so staying up to date with my editorial calendar, working out consistently (did I mention I’m meant to be running 50K by the end of the month?!and being fabulous has been a bit of a mad juggle for the past few days. It’s all good, though – you know I love being busy! 

When the level of insanity in my life gets dialled way up, as it does sometimes (them’s the perks of working full-time and running a blog), there are several things I like to do to keep myself grounded: run like hell, nurse a glass of red with my other half while watching something stupid on the telly (what can I say, it’s the simple things!), remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing and… slip into my best superhero costume! All kidding aside, I believe there’s definitely something to be said for dressing for success: there’s something about donning your sharpest suit or fiercest heels that helps you get into the right mindframe to kick some serious derrière. Don’t you agree?

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#DoItInADress: A Charity Fitness Challenge!

Do It In A Dress: A Charity Fitness Challenge | Jessica Says

Hello, hello! After spending so much time talking about myself in my mammoth post about my journey to fitness, I’d like to shed some light on another topic today, one that is incredibly important to me and that I know will resonate with you lovely people, too. At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that I’d been contacted by an amazing charity, Do It In A Dress, to serve as an ambassador for them and help get the word out about their cause. It didn’t take very long for me to accept: their mission, to help provide young girls in Sierra Leone with access to an education, is a vitally important one, and one that I am more than happy to endorse here on the blog. Let me tell you why:

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