Announcing: Reclaim Your Time – A 3-Part Email Series!

Announcing: Reclaim Your Time - A Three-Part Email Series! | Jessica Says

Hello, superstars! I just wanted to grab your attention in this unusual Sunday morning blog post to let you know about a super exciting email series that is going out to my wonderful subscribers starting next week: Reclaim Your Time!

You may have noticed a trend in my past few articles, and it’s no coincide: time management, productivity and getting things done without compromising your health, sanity and happiness are major concerns for me and I know they are for you, too. I’m still learning the ropes myself, but I like to think that over the years I’ve accumulated enough knowledge on the topic to create something highly helpful and above all, practical and actionable for you guys.

In this three-part series, my subscribers and I will be looking at how to avoid putting ourselves in stressful time-related conundrums, manage our schedules with grace and self-love and prioritise our tasks in order to get what is most important for us done. In short, over the space of three weeks, we will be learning how to reclaim our time.

This series is for my mailing list subscribers only, so if this sounds exciting for you – and I hope it does, because I’m mega excited about sharing this knowledge with you! – please register your interest by signing up to my list using the form below!

I can’t wait to see you on the other side, starting next week! And don’t forget – if you think you have a friend who could benefit from learning how to manage their schedules and reclaim their time, sharing is caring! :)


How to Deal With an Overwhelming Schedule

How to Deal With an Overwhelming Schedule | Jessica Says

Hello, lovelies! Time for a bit of real talk from me today. Have you ever had so much to do that you feel full to the brim, seconds away from crying? Or so stressed about your ridiculous to-do list that you just sit there, completely overwhelmed, bordering on the hysterical and unable to take the first step? Yep… Been there, done that, and it sure ain’t pretty.

You know the drill: sometimes, life gets in the way in the worst, most over-the-top way possible and it feels like you can’t possibly keep up with everything that is being thrown at you. It starts off innocently enough: an impromptu dinner with friends, an unexpected hold up, and all of a sudden, your entire life is thrown off-kilter. Most of the times, that’s 100% OK! Spontaneity is a beautiful thing, and goodness knows I enjoy it.

The thing is, when life starts interfering a liiiiittle too much in your carefully thought out routine, what started out as something fun and devil-may-care can quickly snowball into something panic-inducing — especially if, like me, you like to pack your schedule so tight that managing all your  engagements is like playing an elaborate game of Jenga. Throw one too many wrenches in there, and you’re ugly-crying in front of your calendar.

If this sounds like you and if you, too, have recently stared at your to-do list with the blank gaze of someone about to enter into shock, then this is for you. Here are four tried-and-tested steps to deal with an overwhelming schedule.

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5 Awesome Tools for Stress-Free Blogging

5 Awesome Tools for Stress-Free Blogging | Jessica Says

Hello, blogger babes! You and I both know how much hard work is actually involved in blogging: between brainstorming and creating awesome content, defining, growing and nurturing our brand, networking, social media-ing (totally a verb) and everything in between, the list of things to do is loooooong and can quickly become overwhelming. I know – I deal with it on a daily basis, as do you!

Happily, while the workload can certainly be daunting, there are plenty of tools and tricks out there that can make your life as a blogger much, much less hectic and stressful. Because I love you and because I would’ve DIED FROM HAPPINESS someone had done this for me when I first started out in this industry, today, I’m going to share my top five favourite allies for (relatively) stress-free blogging!

Blogging doesn’t have to feel like you’re going to lose your sh*t at any given moment – promise! Shall we?

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