OMG! I’m Speaking at BlogStock!

OMG! I'm Speaking at BlogStock! | Jessica Says

Hello superstars! I have a SUPER EXCITING announcement to make today. The clue is in the title of the post, of course, but let a girl have her moment, eh? ;) Drum roll please… I, Jessica Johansen, blogger and writer extraordinaire here at Jessica Says and other parts, will be hosting a workshop at BlogStock, the world’s very first (and only!) blogging festival, in September! EEEEEEE! Can you believe it?! Because I sure as hell can’t!

I couldn’t be more excited, though: not only is BlogStock pretty damn amazing – I’ll go into more detail and tell you exactly why in a few – but being invited to share what little knowledge I have of this brilliant industry (in such a cool venue, no less) and teach people how to blog like bosses is pretty much the ultimate reward for all the hard work I’ve put in for the last few years, and I am so, so happy!

But enough about me — let me tell you all about what BlogStock is, why you definitely want to go if you’re around (the 15% discount on tickets is a pretty good incentive, if you ask me!) and what I’ll be talking about in my workshop! Hint: it’s all about time management and wellness for bloggers and I know you’re going to love it.

Shall we?

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Hey, Blogger Babe, It’s Okay…

Hey, Blogger Babe, It's Okay... | Jessica Says

Hello superstars! It’s a brand new week and, unexpectedly and completely out of character, I’m feeling decidedly… blah. Meh. Or, if you’d rather I use non-onomatopoeic words, frazzled and demotivated and generally speaking, really quite shit. Excuse my French, but I like to say it as it is, and what it is simply isn’t that great right now. I’m finding myself not wanting to do anything constructive, which as you ought to know by now, isn’t like me at all! I mean, come on; where did my mojo go?!

Now, if you’re starting to worry that this is rapidly degenerating into a one-woman pity party, don’t fret: I firmly believe that there is a lesson to be learned in all trials and tribulations, and blogger burnout – which I’m pretty sure this is – is no exception. Sometimes, something’s just got to give, and when it does, why not transform it into something useful for both yourself and others? Why not indeed!

So, in the spirit of converting these blogger blues into something productive, I’ve decided to give myself – and you lovely people, in the process – a bit of a pep talk. At the end of the day, us bloggers put ourselves under a tremendous amount of pressure; our expectations for ourselves teeter on the edge of the impossible, and witnessing other people’s seemingly effortless success doesn’t help — AT ALL.

Today, I want to remind myself – and you – that hey, it’s okay to not be on top of things all the time, and it’s okay to do your own thing. So, blogger babe, shall we roll?

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5 Badass Brain Hacks for a Better Life [#BULLISH]

5 Badass Brain Hacks for a Better Life | Jessica Says

Hello superstars! It’s been a while since I last did a Get Bullish webinar recap (check out all of my previous ones here + more information on how to save 20% off all Bullish webinars here), but truth be told? I’ve been holding out for this one! As someone who works full-time, writes a blog, loves spending time at the gym and thrives when surrounded by friends, my schedule can be pretty full on; and while I do love a good time hack to get things done, I only really perform well when my mind is sharp and my brain works at full capacity.

If you’re anything like me – and I think many of you badass babes are! – then this Get Bullish webinar on nurturing your brain to get clear, organised and in control is DEFINITELY for you. Jen Dziura (founder of Get Bullish and all-round incredible woman) goes into great detail on how to compartmentalise your thoughts, boost your memory and nix distractions in the webinar (you really don’t want to miss this), but as a taster, here are 5 brilliant brain hacks for achieving your goals with gusto!

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