20 Things I Do to Take Care of Myself

20 Things I Do to Take Care of Myself | Jessica Says

Hello, sweetpeas! I’m sure you’ll all familiar with the feeling: sometimes, between work, our loved ones, our social lives and any other extra-curricular activities we may have going on on the side, we end up running ourselves ragged and it’s difficult to make taking care of ourselves a priority. The thing is, while working at breakneck intensity on occasion is an inevitable part of life, burning the candle at both ends is unsustainable – sooner or later, we crash and burn. Add to that the mental and soulful exhaustion (yep, it totally is a thing) of putting everything but ourselves first all the time, and what we’re left with is a bit of a mess!

I’ve been putting myself through the ringer for the past few months and I can feel it starting to take a toll: more than just physical exhaustion – although that’s definitely there – I feel tired and sluggish to my very core. The time has come for me to really reconnect to what radical self-love means to me and do little things to look after myself better than I have been. After all, there’s only one of me – who on Earth is going to take care of my empire if I’m out commission?! The same goes for you: you’ve been working so hard and putting everyone and everything else first for so long; hasn’t the time come for you to do something for yourself, for a change?

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Celebrate Your Failures

Celebrate Your Failures | Jessica Says

Happy Monday, lovely people! I’m keeping this one deliberately short today because I want you to really focus on the message that the goddess-like Oprah Winfrey conveys with the above utterly brilliant quote: don’t fear failure; celebrate it. Let’s go over that one again, shall we? Don’t fear failure; celebrate it.

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How to Use the Pomodoro Technique for Brilliant Blogging

[Blog Bytes] How to Use the Pomodoro Technique for Brilliant Blogging | Jessica Says

Hello, lovely people! Time for something a little different here on the blog today. Now, as you know, I’ve been at this whole blogging malarkey for nigh on four years now, out of which just over eleven months have been dedicated to creating and growing this space. While I am aware that this pales in comparison to some of the more established bloggers out there (i.e. the superstars who’ve been honing their craft for years and years and years), I do believe that over the months, I’ve accumulated some valuable industry knowledge and techniques that I’d love to pass on. Y’know, pay it forward and all that! With that in mind, I’m inaugurating a new series, Blog Bytes, where – you’ve guessed it – I’ll be sharing nuggets of blogging wisdom with you. Ready for the first lesson?

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