Recipe: Superfood Piña Colada Smoothie

Recipe: Superfood Piña Colada Smoothie with Baobab Powder | Jessica Says

Hello, hello! I don’t know about you, but although I’m slowly falling in love with autumn, I still miss summer bitterly. Now that the leaves are changing colours and the temperatures are dropping (try plummeting – it’s bloody freezing in Paris these days), I can’t help but cast my thoughts back to the wonderful holidays I spent in the south of France last August and long for bluer skies and warmer climes. Sigh!

In times like these, instead of losing sleep over things I can’t change (because as much as I’d like to control the weather, only Halle Berry can do that), I prefer to be proactive and do something that’ll make me happy – in this case, coming up with a recipe that is 1) utterly delicious (let’s not kid ourselves, this is totally the most important factor), 2) ridiculously good for you and 3) perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer. Darlings, I give to you one of my best creations yet: my superfood piña colada smoothie!

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Hack Your Mornings: Awesome AM Routine Inspiration!

Hack Your Mornings: Awesome AM Routine Inspiration! | Jessica Says

Hello superstars! Happy Monday! I hope you’ve all had the very best of weekends. Last week, I talked at length about the benefits of creating a morning routine (did you miss it? Definitely check the article out, there’s an awesome free printable for you) and how to build one that caters to your needs (how did that go for you by the way? Did you use/love the little printable? Please let me know in the comments, I’m dying to hear!); today, as promised, I’m going to share the AM routines of some of my very favourite people on the internet!

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Working Out Indoors: 10 Fast & Furious Workouts For When You Need to Get It Done

Working Out Indoors: 10 Fast & Furious Workouts For When You Need to Get It Done | Jessica Says

Hello fitness buffs (yep, I’m going to start every Fit in the City post like this from now on)! As a hard-working day-jobber-cum-blogger, I, like you, value what little time I have immensely. You may have gleaned this from my recent post on creating your ideal morning routine: when and where I can, I aim to be as efficient and productive as possible so as to be able to spend more time on doing things I love, like writing, laughing and spending time my other half.

Does this mean that I’m ready to cut corners and compromise on the standard of the things I do, write, eat, whatever? NO! In my mind, the time spent on something and the quality of said thing don’t necessarily go hand in hand: after all, how many times have we sat through a long-winded, tragically boring speech, only to be blown away by a punchy and to-the-point one that covered all the essentials but didn’t take a huge chunk out of our day? How many essays have we written in our uni years where we waffled on endlessly, desparately to try to scrounge points when we knew nothing about our topic – and how good did we feel on the days we managed to submit a concise and well-thought out paper, instead?

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